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H(app)athon: Quantified Self Presentation and
Creative Facilitation

Within seven days of launching, the Bringin' Home the Bacon Scratch-off Ticket earned more than $8.5 million in earned media for the Hoosier Lottery. The Huffington Post, Time, Playboy, Good Morning America, and news outlets coast-to-coast and internationally published content and engaged social media fans with the innovative 20 years of bacon concept.


My key tasks that contributed to this specific success were concept generation and product development.

20 Years of Bacon Captures Nation's Attention
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USA Today Infographic Highights Lottery Performance

USA Today featured an article in May 2015 discussing slumping lottery sales across the country. (Don't worry, lotteries are still doing more than okay.) Of states with lotteries, 18 had decreased revenue to the state in FY15, 21 increased revenue to the state, and of those, only three increased revenue to the state by more than 10 percent. While sales for draw games such as Powerball were down in Indiana and across the country, the Hoosier Lottery was one of the top three highest-performing lotteries in the country, thanks to record sales of scratch-off tickets two years running.


I served as the Product Development Specialist for scratch-off tickets at the Hoosier Lottery in FY14 and FY15.

In addition to serving as an event organizer, I presented on the topic of the Quantified Self at Indianapolis' first H(app)athon. I introduced the audience to the concept of the now ubiquitous fitness tracker as well as smartphone urinalysis, which has for some reason not been as popular. After additional presentations on Big Data and Personal Happiness I facilitated a large group session in which attendees developed ideas on hacking happiness. 


My key tasks on this project were event planning, collaborative process planning, presenting, and creative facilitation.

Indy Eleven Blog and Social Media

I began blogging independently about the Indy Eleven in 2013 to write, create, and share original content and communicate about Indy Eleven, specifically, and American soccer, in general. In 2016, I joined as a contributor and since January 2017 I've been serving as the managing editor, helping five other contributors create and share content. In 2016, the website had more than 80,000 visits and has more than 1,000 social media followers.

I’ve been in love with soccer now for 30 years, involved romantically with the game as a player, coach and spectator, and once, before recognizing my sin, as a referee. I hold a USSF “F” Coaching license and coach my daughter's teams at the youth level. 


My key tasks on this project are website and social media strategy and management, writing, editing, and graphic design.


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