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Performance Reviews

Sarah W., MD, MPH, Community Health Engagement Director at IU School of Medicine

Design Research:

"I appreciate Brandon’s more thorough knowledge of the evidence and rationale for design research and user-centered methodology. He is a critical addition to our group with these contributions. What’s more is that he is also willing to jump in as a translator between the design literature and the medical/health literature."

Team Work & Quality:

"Brandon is a team player and always pitches in when needed, even with jobs that no one else is interested in doing. He is very reliable and his products always spot-on."

Kary H., Senior Product Manager, Supervisor at GTECH Indiana/Hoosier Lottery



"[Brandon] exceeded expectations in communication. You attentively listen to others and actively communicate within the marketing department, other departments in our organization, as well as the Lottery Commission … You are able to flex your communication style to to match your audience. You work with many different personalities and have communicated well with each."



"You have exhibited the ability to face all situations, challenging, mundane, or tedious, energetically and proactively. Your enthusiasm... is infectious and appreciated."


Team Work & Leadership:

"You truly excel in (team work). Not only have I recognized this, but so have our peers. You have been instrumental in creating our Product Team, as was demonstrated with the on-boarding of our new hire this year. Additionally, you have contributed to the creation of a positive work climate within the marketing department. You are attentive to the opinions and contributions of our peers. Many come to you for assistance and your... knowledge."



"You have truly taken ownership of your role... becoming the subject matter expert. You have taken on responsibilities including employee product training and participation in new insights projects. You successfully demonstrated the abilities necessary for your role: attention to detail, timeline management, creative and critical thinking, and communication."

 Bonus Content                     

Unsolicited compliment from Jared Hay, Indianapolis 

Monthly Social Media Manager.

Nate B., Sales Floor Manager, Supervisor at Apple


Client Focus:

“Brandon succeeded in two main areas this past year at Keystone. The first one was his customer focus. Brandon put his customers first. He allows them all of his attention without interruption. He finished with 91% NPS (Net Promotor Score), which was well above the company goal. One of his NPS comments was, 'Unlike most any retail experience you’ll encounter. Patient, friendly, super-smart staff ready to help. No question was a dumb question. A guy named Brandon helped me. I could tell he really enjoys his job helping people select the right product.'” 


Attitude & Teamwork:

“Another area Brandon succeeded in was his approachability. Brandon is always willing to accept fearless feedback from his peers and from managers. He listens and tries to apply the feedback within his interactions. Brandon exercises great patience and composure. Brandon's teamwork and willingness to jump in and flex to any need that arises is a great asset to our team.”

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