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Human-Centered Designer with passion and talent for working with end users to discover and understand user experience insights that inform design and development. More than seven years of relevant research work in diverse contexts and with increasing responsibility and project complexity. Most valuable skills include genuine empathy for end users, the capacity to build and execute rigorous design research strategies and tactics, and influencing design and development with actionable insights. Additional strengths include creative thinking and problem solving, cross-functional collaboration, attention to detail, project management, written and visual communication, and coaching and mentoring.

Work Experience


Human-Centered Research & Design, Indiana Clinical Translational Sciences Institute 

Indianapolis, IN // April 2016-current

Works as part of the Community Health Partnerships’ (CHeP) Patient Engagement Core (PEC) at the Indiana Clinical Translational Sciences Institute to develop patient-informed insights and recommendations through the utilization of design research and human centered design. Collaborates with PEC team members, primary investigators, and others to scope projects, conduct research activities, analyze data, synthesize insights, and disseminate learnings. In addition to excellent design leadership skills, requires strong written and oral communication skills, and the ability to communicate ideas through visual concepts, facilitate group activities, and understand modern communication and service delivery principles.

  • PEC lead, working in partnership with IDEO, on service design project for WeCare, a program for mothers with opioid use disorder. 

  • Serves as primary PEC resource for human-centered design research theory for funding applications, identifying and outlining design methods and literature for the explanation and justification of research activities to proposal reviewers.

  • Serves as primary PEC resource for data analysis and insight synthesis across all projects.

  • Develops and executes innovative research activities, including custom-made board games and journals to explore experiences, and prototyping with virtual reality hardware.

  • Provides digital marketing and communications expertise for CHeP.

Adjunct Instructor, Indiana University - Herron School of Art & Design

Indianapolis, IN // July 2018 - current

Leads the "Design Methods for Framing Problems" course in Herron's Graduate Certificate in Design Thinking program for post-graduate students. Helped develop course content with program director; delivers course content via online modules; facilitates the study, discussion, and practice of course concepts; and, evaluates student work. The course explores and discusses theory and methods for researching problems and composing problem statements to inform and the front end of design. The certificate program introduces students to a human-centered design mindset as well as core skills in creative problem solving that can be applied to open, unscripted problems across a broad range of contexts and industries.

Product Development Specialist (Product Manager), GTECH Indiana

Indianapolis, IN // October 2013-September 2015

Worked closely with Senior Product Manager and marketing and sales teams to ensure execution of all Hoosier Lottery scratch-off game initiatives from conception and product release to ongoing sales support. Designed, managed and executed in-house and agency user research initiatives to identify consumer needs and desires. Translated in-house research findings into actionable stories that informed marketing strategy and product development. Worked with sales analysts to quantitively monitor performance and provide recommendations to management. 

  • Managed project timelines and activities associated with more than 40 annual product launches that delivered more than $700 million in annual sales. 

  • Market research enhancements were recognized as a contributor to the achievement of a 14% increase in year-over-year revenue for product category in both fiscal year's 2014 and 2015.

  • Created the initial concept and led development of a scratch-off ticket that received $3.5 million in earned media the week it launched. 


Human-Centered Research & Collaborative Design Consultant, Co-Founder, Kemyst 

Indianapolis, IN // June 2011- December 2014

Provided human-centered research, collaborative development, and visual communication expertise working with entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 clients developing products, services, and experiences. Oversaw business development, digital marketing, and client management as part of leadership role.

  • Worked closely with clients to scope and conduct research to inform design projects, utilizing Ethnography and generative tools as primary methods, and other qualitative and quantitative tactics as secondary. 

  • Translated research findings into actionable insights for clients, providing documents and presentations discussing and visualizing research insights and strategic recommendations.

  • Developed brand identities, logos, websites, and other marketing concepts through inclusive design processes with stakeholders.


Sales Specialist, Apple

Indianapolis, IN // October 2011-October 2013

Provided first class, customer-focused service, synonymous with the Apple brand, while identifying customer needs and presenting technology solutions. Facilitated software and hardware training to customers and Apple Camp for adolescents. Required high levels of interpersonal communication, identification, critical thinking, teamwork, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Finished fiscal year 2013 with an individual Net Promotor Score of 91%, exceeding company goal.


Marketing Manager, Indiana Association of Cities & Towns

Indianapolis, IN // April 2004-August 2009

Developed print and digital communications and marketing materials at a local government-focused non-profit. Collaborated with internal and external teams to produce deliverables as a visual designer, writer, and project manager. Ensured successful projects working directly with print and digital marketing service providers on production and budget. Assisted with the planning and hosting of educational workshops and events. Required skills included visual communication, marketing, writing and editing, interpersonal communication, and project management.

  • Played a key role in organizational transition from print to digital communications, including leading the development of websites, online services, and multimedia content.

  •  Led transition to new e-newsletter software that saved organization more than $10,000 per year while also increasing quality and capability.

  • Implemented a new vendor management process that saved organization more than $15,000 per year.


Market Research Analyst - Internship, The ARS Group

Evansville, IN // May 2001-August 2001

Assisted with market research projects for consumer packaged goods and healthcare products. Analyzed data from focus group participants using qualitative and quantitative metrics. Conducted content analysis of advertising campaigns using quantitative metrics. Prepared analysis reports for project managers.

Design Skills


Concept Design

Creative Problem Solving

Design Processes

Design Leadership

Design Thinking

Digital Design

Experience Design


Information Design

Innovation Processes

People-Centered Design

Print Design


Service Design



Visual Communication


Research Skills

Research Design & Planning

Research Recruiting

Data Analysis

User Experience

Contextual Inquiry


Focus Groups

Generative Tools


Market Research

People-Centered Research

Qualitative Research

Research for Design

Social Media Listening



User Research

Voice of Customer

Marketing Skills

Big Ideas




Content Creation

Content Marketing

Client Management

Digital Marketing


Event Planning

Inbound Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Market Research



Product Management

Project Management


Social Media Marketing


Strategic Development

Identity and Style Guides

Visual Communication

Web Development

Written Communication

Software Skills



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop







Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Word

Social Media platforms

Survey Monkey



Adobe Social




Google Analytics



Sales Force Marketing Cloud

Social Mention



Master of Fine Arts, focused on Human-Centered Design and Design Leadership

Indiana University, Herron School of Art & Design

Indianapolis, IN // August 2009-May 2011

Studied and practiced human-centered design through design thinking principles, focusing on user experience research and collaborative design methodology. Extracurricular activities included leading the planning and execution of a design thinking workshop for local business leaders and participation in the Byron Fellowship program for emerging leaders. 

Bachelor of Science, Journalism & Computer Publishing, Marketing Minor

University of Southern Indiana

Evansville, IN // August 2003

Studied and practiced journalism, visual communication, digital publishing, and marketing methodology. Extracurricular activities included writing for the university newspaper, working with the student theatre, participating in intramural sports, and consistently holding a part-time job.

Soft Skills

Big Picture Thinking

Calm Demeanor






Decision Making

Deductive Reasoning




Inductive Reasoning


Interpersonal Communication



Learning Agility





Positive Attitude

Pragmatic Thinking


Sense Making


Strategic Thinking


Time Management


Work Ethic

2010 - present

2010 - present

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